Laser Dentistry

Do you get anxious when thinking about visiting the dentist? You are not alone. Many Australians suffer from a phobia called dentophobia, an intense fear or feeling of anxiety when visiting the dentist. At Advanced Dental, we understand your apprehension and have gone to great lengths to ensure all anxious patients feel comfortable and relaxed at our practice.

Our dentists enjoy helping anxious patients feel comfortable, simply because we care. Not only do we take a gentle approach to dentistry, we also offer anxious patients sedative options for more complex treatments and have invested in laser dentistry for virtually pain-free general treatments. Now you can say goodbye to the traditional dental drill!

Hoya Laser Dental Technology

Our Hoya Laser is one of the most important pieces of equipment at our practice, not only because it allows us to provide advanced dental practices, but also allows us to offer treatments without resorting to intimidating tools, such as the dental drill.

Just sit back, relax and let our professional dentists remove dental plaque or decay with our virtually pain-free laser technology.

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